The Margin: Here’s how Mark Zuckerberg spent his Fourth of July. Prepare to cringe

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Turns out, Joey Chestnut stuffing his face with a record 76 hot dogs wasn’t the most “ick”-worthy Fourth of July moment on Sunday.

So thanks(?) for this, Mark Zuckerberg:

Yes, that’s the Facebook Inc.

chief executive wakeboarding while holding an American flag to the tune of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Because: America.

In fairness, Zuckerberg did have reason to celebrate, as the FTC’s antitrust case against Facebook was shot down (at least temporarily) last Monday, and a similar suit by state attorneys general was dismissed outright. Facebook’s valuation shot above the $1 trillion mark for the first time following the dismissals, and its shares rose about 4% on the week.

The odd video Sunday was the latest in cringe-worthiness from Zuckerberg, who in the recent past has been photographed with a curiously excessive amount of sunblock, throwing spears (in slow motion, to an Audioslave song) and shooting a bow and arrow while comparing himself to an Avenger.

Social-media responses were the equivalent of a collective hand-covering-face emoji:

Or, as one Twitter used summed it up: “OMG, why?”

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