NewsWatch: The stock market is set to fall over the next year — and is unprepared for 2 big risks, says Deutsche Bank’s wealth-management arm

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There-is-no-alternative, or TINA, has been a pretty solid investment strategy for those who are riding the stock-market wave. But to Deutsche Bank’s international private bank chief investment office, it has its limits. See full story.

Why stock-market investors are starting to focus on Biden’s narrowing lead against Trump

Some Wall Street strategists make the case that two weeks shy of the Nov. 3 election, some narrowing of recent chances for a victory in the presidential race by former Vice President Joe Biden against incumbent Donald Trump is causing some pause among investors. See full story.

‘Every recession, there’s a massive bailout given to corporations and CEOs’: Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs says basic income payments turn lives around

‘Growing up with a single mother who worked hard and struggled also gave me the boldness to try to do basic income,’ said Tubbs. See full story.

Squabbling politicians lose sight of the urgency of getting America back to work

The political class in Washington has loss sight of the urgent need to get Americans back to work. See full story.

Google investors: Unsure about what to do amid antitrust charges? Well, better get used to it

Alphabet Inc. investors have been through government investigations before and not suffered too much damage, but now they are entering a new realm and the end of that path is not clear. See full story.


New research from Georgetown University’s Center for Education and the Workforce finds that the value of a college degree doesn’t necessarily depend on the factors one might expect. See full story.

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