Personal Finance Daily: Wednesday is Tax Day, but there’s still time to save money on your 2019 taxes, and after Kelly Preston’s breast cancer death, a reminder of the disease’s financial toll

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If you’ve started day trading, you have until July 15 to opt for this ‘fire insurance’ with the IRS

July 15 is Tax Day — and the deadline for a decision connected to trading loss deductions next tax season.

‘I’m having a hard time understanding how earning over $200,000 a year is too much to qualify for a decent stimulus check’

‘People who are making nothing or very little are receiving this money, so why can’t the people who are paying the most taxes receive some of it back?’

After Kelly Preston’s breast cancer death, a reminder of the disease’s financial toll

About 1,400 women die from breast cancer every day around the world.

As Trump’s rocky relationship with Fauci deteriorates, America’s top infectious disease doctors say: ‘We will not be silenced nor sidelined’

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, visited the White House on Monday after the Trump administration criticized him amid a surge in coronavirus cases in the U.S.

Wednesday is Tax Day, but there’s still time to save money on your 2019 taxes

Provisions in the CARES act can also help out some taxpayers.

Taxpayers who wait to file their taxes can get interest on their refund — what you need to know ahead of July 15 tax deadline

‘These people will not be able to go on a vacation on this money. You might get a latte.’

‘You feel like you’re being social — and responsible’: These Americans turned their garages into bars

Many Americans are enhancing their homes to get a break from the monotony of a summer with fewer options for fun.

‘If I tell people about what happened, I honor my ancestors.’ How the pandemic is helping a slavery historian develop a K-12 lesson plan on African-American history

Non-academic historians step in to preserve stories that would otherwise be lost.

Why small business owners may want to file taxes AFTER July 15 deadline

If your business entity’s federal income tax return awaits completion, you may have more flexibility than you thought.

Why Asian and Black Americans continue to experience COVID-19-related discrimination — and what you can do about it

‘This discrimination that’s associated with COVID-19 is real, and it’s serious.’

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Fed’s Bullard says stock market’s optimism has been proven right, so far

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on Tuesday said the stock market’s optimism has been validated by the economic data.

Pelosi opens door to no August break for House if next coronavirus relief bill isn’t done

The California Democrat’s remarks suggest the possibility of an extended bargaining period with the Republican-run Senate and the White House over the next COVID-19 aid bill.

Tucker Carlson addresses the ‘deeply offensive’ comments that cost one his top writers his job

Blake Neff resigned from Fox News after a CNN investigation uncovered his racist and sexist posts on an online forum.

Ricky Gervais talks ‘cancel culture’ and says even ‘mildly conservative’ voices on social media are viewed as ‘Hitler’

Ricky Gervais earlier this year was showered in praise, particularly from the conservative corners of social media, for his savage takedown of ‘woke’ Hollywood at the Golden Globes. Now, he’s getting some love again.

Biden calls for $2 trillion in clean-energy spending and zero power-plant emissions by 2035

Joe Biden on Tuesday proposed a plan to eliminate carbon pollution from power plants by 2035, while calling for spending $2 trillion over four years on clean energy projects.

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