NewsWatch: Why BlackRock says it’s time to reduce the government bonds, and take on more risk, in your portfolio

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Is it worth changing the composition of your portfolio? Vivek Paul, senior portfolio strategist at BlackRock Investment Institute, the research arm of fund-manager BlackRock, argues yes. See full story.

American and British trade talks started this week — here’s why the shared language could get in the way

Oxford University associate fellow Allyson Stewart-Allen warns the U.K. team needs to be direct, dodge words such as ‘rather’ and ‘quite,’ which convey tentativeness, and should avoid talking about sex. See full story.

Online art marketplaces are enjoying a renaissance amid gallery closures

Artfinder is selling an artwork every 12 minutes as lockdowns drive demand for online art marketplaces among consumers. See full story.

‘For me, the uncertainty generated by coronavirus isn’t new’ explains this 21-year-old Oxford University student tackling stage 4 cancer

Olivia Downes says death has become part of her daily routine: ‘But the same is now true for us all: death is unavoidable. It is at the top of every newspaper article, the bottom of every television screen, alongside other mundanities, like the time and the weather.’ But she asks, ‘when lockdown ends will our death denial resume itself?’ See full story.

Trump says reopening may result in more deaths, but ‘we can’t sit in the house for the next three years’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday admitted it’s “possible” that reopening the country for business will result in additional coronavirus deaths, but said that the economy has to get going again. See full story.


If you are looking to splurge on mom, consider one of these five social distance friendly gifts. See full story.

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