NewsWatch: It’s still way too soon to buy stocks, warns Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok

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Our call of the day comes from Deutsche Bank Securities’ chief economist Torsten Slok, who tells MarketWatch that the market will need to get some clarity on three big factors before it can count on any rebound. See full story.

Biden extends delegate lead over Sanders as he picks up key win in Michigan primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders in Michigan’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, networks projected, tightening his grip on the Democratic presidential nomination after last week’s Super Tuesday voting. See full story.

Bank of England slashes rate to deal with ‘sharp and large’ coronavirus shock — here are three take-aways

Warning that the coronavirus would bring a “sharp and large shock” to the U.K. economy, the Bank of England Wednesday morning to cut interest rates by 50 basis points to 0.25%, and launched a special financing facility to help businesses cope with the outbreak’s fallout. See full story.

Airlines are slashing ticket prices for domestic flights amid the coronavirus outbreak — and prices could stay low into summer

Flights to destinations like Miami and Las Vegas are as much as 35% cheaper currently due to reduced travel in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. See full story.

To save the economy from COVID-19, the only effective policy is medical, not monetary or fiscal

Monetary or fiscal policy can’t rescue the economy from COVID-19. The only ‘appropriate tools” in this crisis are those wielded by medical practitioners and epidemiologists. See full story.


Some people have been eyeing bargain-basement prices and asking, ‘Should I go on a cruise?’ The State Department has some strong words for those who are considering it. See full story.

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