NewsWatch: The Dow tumbled more than 1,000 points and marked its third-worst point drop in history — here’s how the stock market tends to perform after big drops

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A bona fide selloff takes hold on Wall Street after weeks of attempting to come to terms with the spread of COVID-19. See full story.

HP now willing to ‘explore’ merger with Xerox, top executives say

There may be a thaw in HP Inc.’s takeover standoff with Xerox Holdings Corp. See full story.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on the coronavirus: We have lost containment and this could be worse than we thought

As investors were waking up to a nasty selloff in global stocks on Monday, CNBC’s Jim Cramer was up early to fire off a string of tweets in an attempt to “just deal with the facts” about the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak. See full story.

If the coronavirus isn’t contained, a severe global recession is almost certain

The coronavirus epidemic is going to have a much bigger impact on the global economy than stock-market investors and policy makers had assumed. See full story.

What if it was the Marvel Cybersecurity Universe?

The cybersecurity industry has long been known as a battleground pitting black hats against white hats, but what happens when the biggest combatant picks up the Infinity Gauntlet instead? See full story.


‘He never leaves his wallet on the table.’ See full story.

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